Kroos, Casemiro or Modric? Real Madrid introduces Camavinga

Waiting for Kylian Mbappé was (for the time being) in vain, with his compatriot Eduardo Camavinga remained in a more compatible framework. The presentation of the 18-year new entry - because this still trained - delayed merely by about 50 minutes.

Then Florentino Perez turned to a wide grinning teenager, the Real Madrid's president the cheeks patted him as one of these players and assured that he will show his talent here.

Camavinga is a promise for the future, despite his age but probably already asked where Toni Kroos is still working on the comeback and does not become younger for his long-standing secondary people. I'll come here to learn, the four-time French national player beamed, I have to show the coach (Carlo Ancelotti, d. Red.) But also show that I am ready. And I'm ready.

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My two best attributes?

He would not have believed it that, who said the midfielder years ago he plays for Real Madrid. A childhood dream, how Camavinga summons, has become reality for him. And that is Camavinga now for Real Madrid. But what did the royal exceptional talent coveted throughout Europe?

I like to play before the defense, to secure the defensive, revealed the 1.82 meter left foot, but I can also play in front. So now like Casemiro? Or more like Modric? I do not see myself in Casemiro, Kroos or Modric, Camavinga, who already a little bit of Spanish speaks, answered multiple journalists in his native language. My two best attributes? I am technically strong and aggressive.

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