Snake Core is a fresh, action-packed version of Snake

Developer orange pixels have just announced his latest title: Snake Core. This is inspired by the classic game Snake, which most of us certainly played in at least one of his many forms. You know that you take a trip to the past when you think of the Nokia classic who has triggered madness for mobile games.

The concept for Snake Core resembles the old game that your snake grows further, the further you go through a level. However, what makes this quite neat, is that you recruit soldiers and enlarge their units.

When your crew grows, you will find that your entire line moves in a way that reflects the movement of the snake in the classic game. Your soldiers will turn off aliens and destroy bombs while crossing different areas will be their constantly evolving human snake.

Your goal is to hunt and defeat the Alien Overlord, who is waiting for your arrival. Ironically, his nickname is The End Boss. Suitable, right?

You can not only enlarge your army, but also strengthen your soldiers. You can grab Powerups that give you a practical boost and your team.

Soon you will turn off Aliens faster than with the speed of light. And who knows, you can simply send the Alien Overlord into an early grave.

Outside the standard missions, there are many different game modes that you can play and enjoy. There are also different ways to get to the end boss and keep the action freshly fresh.

Forza Horizon 4 vs Forza Motorsport 7 | Cars Engine Sounds Direct Comparison | That's pretty cool, as it gives a little strategy already after a promising title of orange pixels. The choice of your unique approach to building your superarmy and mastery of unfortunate extraterrestrial scum should provide an entertaining time.

Snake Core has no concrete release date, but Pascal, the only developer at orange pixels, says he is very close to bring the game on mobile screens. After publication, it is expected to be available for iOS, Android and PC.

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